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Gaza the busiest border

“The rightist government of Netanyahu has two main choices; either to relieve the Gaza blockade, in return for complete calm by the resistance factions in Gaza, or to go for war, whose outcome is uncontrollable and could lead to a wide-range chaos that may not only harm Israel’s security, but also the security of the entire region,” ~Gaza Political writer Hassan Abdo


A city vibrant with ancient history is now under the pressure of civil war, which starts to eat up the whole region. Palestine’s two parts West Bank and Gaza, are under the political leadership of Hamas. Israel lies between West Bank & Gaza. Gaza ranked as the third most densely populated region with a population of 1.85 million.



The city has a rich history. Before dates, it was ruled by Ancient Egyptian over 350 years and worked as a rest point between Egypt and Syria. After ruled by Egyptians in the bronze age, it was captured by Philistines. According to the Sixth book of Hebrew Bible The book of Joshua, “Philistia consists of 5 lords of Philistians Gath, Ashkelon, Ekron, Ashdod, and Gaza,” then Assyrian (largest empire of Iron Age between 911-609 BC). After ruled by Egyptians, Philistines, Israelites, and Assyrians, Gaza become the part of the Persian Empire, the city got his independence in this period and ruled by his kings. In the times of Alexander the Great (known as Dhul-Qarnain) Roman Empire is on it is peak. When he started to capture Egypt, the only thing in his path is Gaza. He spent five months to capture Gaza before he captures Egypt.

The City was rebuilt in the Roman Empire. After the division of the Roman Empire in East and West, Gaza becomes the part of the Eastern Empire. Slowly it started to gain power. After Prophet(P.B.U.H), when Khulfa-e-Rashideen was gaining power day by day, the army is sent to fight with Byzantine Empire (East Roman Empire) under the commander-ship of Amir Ibn al-A’s and is controlled by Muslims for a long time. When the Sunni-Shia conflict started between Muslims, Gaza becomes the part of Turk rulers. When the Gaza became a weakling for Ottoman Empire, the Crusader conquered in 1100, then Sultan Saladin captured, and now it is again the part of Muslims.

The rule ended in 1260, and Mongols captured it and made it capital and named after Mamlakat Gazzah (Governorship of Gaza). They start Jewish to allow in the city. The Ottoman Empire quickly crushed the rising Mongols and made Gaza the capital of Damascus province and known as the Golden age of Gaza. Then during World War 1, the British defeated the Ottoman Empire, and Gaza was included in Mandatory Palestine. The city was rebuilt again, and the ports were created. Now Palestine is called an Arab Estate with Egyptian rule.

In 1947 the UN proposed a partition plane for conflict between Arab and Jewish. A civil war between the two nations started, and Israel occupies more than half of the region, and partition was made unmapped. Now Palestine is separated in West Bank & Gaza.

Gaza Strip Conflict


In 1945 the UN was made for peace. The priority of the UN is to make sure every territory got independence. In 1948 the UN gave the order to divide Palestine territory into two Muslim and Jewish colonies. At that time, Jewish started a war and occupied more than half of Palestine. The partition has done unfairly. All Arab leaders rejected the barrier, and the fight started between Israel and Arabs. Now the Gaza Strip is under controlled by Palestine, but it named as War zone, and no trade was made on Israel border as well as Egyptian border.

UN is so far working for nothing. No peace treaty worked. Some countries, especially America, wants to make West Bank and Gaza in one country, Palestine and other Israel, but both countries rejected that offer and fighting since then. Israel has raised the point that they will not stop until they feel safe. On the other hand, Palestine has thought of what will happen to refugees in Israel or Gaza, who have a shortage of everything due to Israel.

UN investigator’s report on Gaza shows that if the conflict on Gaza increased, it would create a war between Muslims and Jewish. UN Human Rights Council visited Gaza and done a survey which shows that 189 people were force killed and 6100 were shot on the fences between Israel and Gaza.

“Reasonable grounds to believe that Israeli snipers shot at journalists, health workers, children and persons with disabilities, knowing they were clearly recognisable as such” ~ UN Panel Statement

Census Report 2018


Israel role in Conflict:

Israel has how much ammunition? We do not know, and Palestine does not even have an army to protect the border. Moreover, rockets are launched every day. People on borders are constraint to take shelter, though there is no shelter on the Gaza border.

  • The first war started in 2008 when Israeli send soldiers in Gaza, and 1300 civilians were killed.
  • In 2012 an operation started in Gaza by Israeli, and 167 civilians were killed. After eight days of operation, a ceasefire was declared.
  • In July 2014 the border violence was again done by Israel, reports say that around 2200 people were killed in 50 days and so many got injured than the ceasefire was declared in August.
  • When the US embassy is opened in Jerusalem that day, 67 Palestinians were shot on the border by Israeli Snipers.

In July 2018, more than 100 Palestinians children. People, journalists, were killed by Israeli Snipers, yet Israel abandons all reports as “hostile, mendacious and slanted.” There is no independent investigation allowed in Gaza by Israel Government.

In an interiew with Former Deputy Minister of Israel Danny Ayalon on program Head to Head with Mehdi Hassan on Al-Jazeerah Forum.
Mehdi: How many neuclear weapon does Iran have?
Danny: I think none.
Mehdi: How many neuclear weapon does Israel have?
Danny: I don’t tell you that!
Mehdi: Some says it around 80 to 400!
Danny: Maybe!!!

Hamas role in Conflict

Hamas_logo.svgHamas is a Palestinian based Islamic fundamental militia organization that was fighting in Gaza Strip since 2007 and fought several wars with Israel. The United States and the European Union declare Hamas as a terrorist organization. On the other side, China, Russia, and Turkey support Hamas.

Hamas was founded in 1987 when Israel broke the deal of first Intifada and started occupying West Bank and Gaza. Shiekh Ahmed Yassin (founder of Hamas) stated: “the Hama was founded to liberate Palestine from Israel occupation and establish an Islamic state.” Hamas won the election in 2006 in the Palestinian Parliament, defeating the Fatah Party. Hamas rejected all the deals made by Quartet (the U.S, Russia, UN, European Union). Israel was imposing economic sanctions on Hamas, which creates tension in Palestinian administration, and the result is the 2007 Gaza war. Now Israel and Egypt both done blockade on Gaza Strip.

The goal is to “contribute in the effort of liberating Palestine and restoring the rights of the Palestinian people under the sacred Islamic teachings of the Holy Quran, the Sunnah (traditions) of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the traditions of Muslims rulers and scholars noted for their piety and dedication.”

1988 charter Article 11: Palestine is sacred (waqf) for all Muslims for all time, and no one can relinquish it.

We do not say that only Israel is blamed for the Gaza conflict. Some Hamas done is also wrong. They build a tunnel located underground Gaza, which is used to smuggle weapons. In the last year, 2500 rockets, 5000 guns, and 15 Missiles were captured. The economy of Palestine has a low rate. Not so much revenue is generated. 71 % of Gaza civilians are unemployed, so how they manage to smuggle these many weapons? Hamas used mosques and schools to hide their weapons, which give a chance for Israel to attack such places and blame Hamas for these attacks.

The Point of View

On one side, there is Hamas who have a secret trade of weapon. We do not know-how. On the other hand, Israel who has do not know how many nuclear weapons. The civilians in Israel and Palestine are still note safe. The partition plane of both sides is not acceptable. Israel launched so many attacks on Gaza that killed so many civilians.

Around 1500 people were killed on the Gaza strip last year, and the reaction of Israel is “collateral damage in defending their land from Hamas attacks“. UN declares so many resolutions on the Israel-Gaza conflict, yet no one seems to accept these resolutions. After the division of Jeruselum and making the capital of Israel, the tension between these two states increases. The hype of war is increasing day by day.

Muslim nations are on the Palestine side, yet their hands are tied. Even the air seems trying to split the Muslim Ummah. Egypt, the Arab Muslim state, also block the border on Gaza. Isreal is not helping the refugee of Gaza. Moreover, Egypt didn’t allow anyone to cross borders. They are giving around $4000 bribe for crossing the border of Egypt.

Day by day UN increasing the mandate of the agencies for the refugees. We cannot see any solution of the conflict, The Muslim leaders talked about conflict and didn’t do anything. Still, we are hoping for the best.

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